BROTHAZ BY CHOICE is a quartet of talented young men with a unique singing style ranging from a capella to a classy version of hip-hop. The group is made up of two biological brothers, Reggie “LaCrue” Moore and Jerry  Moore, and two close friends, Reggie  Williams and Melvin  Pryor. Their close working relationship as writers, arrangers and performers gives credence to the name “Brothaz By Choice.”

BBC has performed to rave reviews in their native Virginia. They  have been called upon to perform at groundbreaking ceremonies, charitable fundraisers and to perform the national anthem at the state professional baseball games.  The group is well known in the region’s nightclubs, having performed up and down the east coast, and  featured on local and national television.

BBC has worked with many notable music business legends. They performed as the opening act for the Delfonics, and have worked with producers Chris Jasper, formerly of the Isley Brothers and Isley-Jasper-Isley; Jim Salamone, producer of Levert; and Kenny Gamble of Philly International.

BBC’s first CD release entitled  Brotha 2 Brotha was produced by Chris Jasper for his Gold City Records label.  Highlights on the CD include “Daddy”…a heartfelt tribute by brothers Reggie and Jerry, which they wrote for their father upon his passing during the recording of this project; “And I Love Her”…an updated version of the popular Beatles tune featuring Chris Jasper; and  “Caravan of Love”…a remake of the Isley-Jasper-Isley classic. 

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